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JetSmartFilters: Filter Settings Overview

From this tutorial, you are going to dive into learning about the options provided in JetSmartFilters Settings block.

There are a lot of different options for each filter type in the JetSmartFilters plugin, that is available in the Smart Filters > Add New Filter window, which you can find in the WP Dashboard. Here you can select the filter type and adjust needed settings to it.

In the Filter Type tab you have to opt one of the filters, which you want to display on the page, from the dropdown list. There are Checkboxes list, Select, Range, Range, Check Range, Date Range, Radio, Rating, Search ones.

Depending on the particular filter type, there are different settings

If you select Checkboxes filter type, you need to specify the data source (Manual Input, Taxonomies, Posts and Custom Fields). After that, the list of appropriate options for each data source will appear, where you will be able to customize the displayed data.

Checkbox filter settings

In case you have chosen Select filter type, you also have to determine the source, where the data is pulled from and add the placeholder text.

Select filter settings

Setting Range filter type, you can add values prefix and values suffix, a separator, specify the minimum and maximum values, a step. Moreover, it is possible to get minimum and maximum WooCommerce price values dynamically.

Range filter settings

Check Range filter type provides varied options. First of all, you need to create an options list, and adjust additional settings, such as values prefix, values suffix, and a separator.

Check Range filter settings

Choosing Date Range filter type you need to select the certain option in the Filter by field, specifying how to filter the goods or publications, by meta date or posts one.

Date Range filter settings

Radio filter type has the Data Source field, where you need to determine the data source and set additional settings.

Radio filter settings

If you want to add a rating filter, select Rating filter type and specify the stars count and set relation between values.

Rating filter settings

To add search functionality to publications, pick Search filter type and input a suitable placeholder text. Also, you can specify how the search will be implemented, by default WordPress search or custom field, which is defined in the Query Variable option below. You need to indicate the needed meta field slug (e.g. size) that it will be available to search the products by their sizes.

Search filter settings

Well done! Now you know how to customize JetSmartFilters filter types via WP Dashboard easily and quickly.