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Query Builder Custom Content Type Query Type

Query Builder Custom Content Type Query Type

This overview will describe all the settings of Query Builder’s Custom Content Type Query type, which is a part of the JetEngine plugin.

JetEngine functionality allows you to create a Custom Content Type and a Listing template. That listing can be further displayed via the Listing Grid widget or block, but you can’t query it. 

To decide what CCT items to add to the list, you will have to use Query Builder. Custom Content Type Query allows you to create a more precise list of items and display them via the Listing template and Listing Grid.

Let’s go through the settings.

cct query settings
  • From Content Type — in this drop-down menu, you will find all created Custom Content Types, so choose the one you need;
  • Number — define the number of items shown in the grid. If you add the JetSmartFilters Pagination to the Listing Grid, this feature will determine the number of items per page;
  • Offset — type here how many of the first posts you would like to skip;
  • Status— only the items with the status you have chosen here will be added to the list.
Things to know

If the Maps Listings setting is activated in the Modules tab of the JetEngine settings, you will see the following geo search settings while creating a CCT Query. You can read their description in the How to Set Geo Search Based on User Geolocation tutorial.

custom content type query location settings

Also, learn more about choosing Map Listings and their possible geo coding providers available with the JetEngine plugin functionality.

That is all for the Custom Content Type Query type included in the JetEngine plugin functionality. Now you can create a precise list of items and display it wherever you want on your WordPress website.

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