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Frequently Asked Questions

Crocoblock is fully compatible with the Elementor page builder. The default WordPress page builder, also known as Gutenberg, supports most of the Crocoblock plugins. Dynamic JetPlugins partially support Bricks.
All JetPlugins are fully compatible with Elementor page builder, and you do not need Elementor Pro to work with them.
So far, we offer you 12 plugins for Gutenberg, including JetEngine, JetSmartFilters, JetGridBuilder, JetFormBuilder, JetProductGallery, etc. Other Gutenberg plugin integrations are in the pipeline.
So far, the Bricks integration is added to four JetPlugins: JetEngine, JetSmartFilters, JetSearch, and JetFormBuilder.
There are seven themes officially tested by Crocoblock. Kava is a light and clean theme designed to work perfectly with JetPlugins. You may want to install the Kava child theme using our Crocoblock Wizard, which can be found in your Crocoblock account. Also, the following themes are recommended for Crocoblock: Elementor Hello Theme, OceanWP, Astra, Blocksy, GeneratePress, Kadence, and Jupiter X.
Please make sure to meet all the requirements listed below in order for Crocoblock products to work smoothly:
  • PHP 7.4 or higher;
  • MySQL 5.7 or higher;
  • WP memory limit of 512 MB recommended (768 MB for best performance);
  • SSL certificate on the server.

Also, you might want to check if your hosting provider complies with all the requirements for your project.

No, we don’t. But we are glad to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied with our products.

Crocoblock offers two major types of subscriptions – Yearly and Lifetime. The Yearly subscription type embraces the following ones:
  • A Single Plugin subscription (for One or Unlimited number of websites). You are free to purchase any one plugin you need. Although, bear in mind that it’s still a subscription package, which needs to be renewed in a year.
  • A Custom subscription. It will be perfect if you seek to assemble your own set of plugins. Add the desired plugins to the cart, decide on the number of projects (One website or Unlimited), and pay for relevant products at the checkout. Please mind that the Custom subscription does not imply renewals for separate plugins; it would be renewed as a whole unit.
  • The All-Inclusive Yearly subscription (for One or Unlimited websites). It gives access to all JetPlugins and pre-made templates for one year. This set is perfect for building a content-rich website with a complex structure.

All the abovementioned plans come with a free Kava theme, premium support, and timely product updates.

The Lifetime subscription type embraces two more options: Freelance and All-Inclusive.

Freelance Lifetime grants you 500 website activation limits, and the All-Inclusive Lifetime subscription gives you unlimited access. These Lifetime licenses offer you all Crocoblock products and updates, pre-made templates, and customer support forever and let you build as many websites as you want at a fixed one-off payment.

You can always upgrade to All-Inclusive Yearly, Freelance Lifetime, or All-Inclusive Lifetime here: Pick the preferred pricing plan and press the “Update” button. Mind that you will only be charged for the difference between the two plans.

If you have a Single Plugin subscription, go to your Crocoblock account page. There, you will see the pricing plan you have chosen in the Upgrade License section. Click the “Upgrade” button to proceed to the Checkout page. Here you can choose the preferred payment method and perform your update successfully.

If you have a Custom Crocoblock subscription, you can upgrade to All-Inclusive Yearly and Lifetime in both the Crocoblock account and Crocoblock Dashboard in the WordPress admin panel. The procedure is the same as above.

Please note that the upgrade does not mean your subscription will be extended. Let’s assume you purchased a plan on March 25, 2020. Two days before its expiration, on March 23, 2021, you upgraded the membership. Does that mean that your license is extended for another year? No, an upgrade is not a renewal; even then, you will have to pay a fixed yearly amount to renew your subscription.

If you have a Custom Crocoblock subscription, you can upgrade to All-Inclusive Yearly and Lifetime packages. It can be done in either your Crocoblock account or Crocoblock Dashboard in the WordPress admin panel. If you have a Custom subscription for one website but want to upgrade to Unlimited, please contact Crocoblock support.
The renewal process is fairly easy and does not take long. If your license key is still active and there is enough money on a bank card attached to your Crocoblock account, the renewal will be automatic. Otherwise, you may need to renew manually. Please complete the following steps:
  • Go to your Crocoblock account and log into it.
  • Find Crocoblock Membership in the Purchase Details section.
  • In the License block, press the “Renew License” link.
  • Fill in the checkout form that you are redirected to.
Read the membership renewal guide full if any questions arise.

If you choose not to renew your subscription, it will remain operative till it expires. After the license expires, the website(s) built with Crocoblock products will keep working. However, it will be impossible to get the updates, use the template library, or access the Downloads directory in your Crocoblock account. We highly recommend you download and save the latest plugin versions prior to license expiration and make no changes to the developed website(s) afterward.

Kindly mind that we do not provide official support to customers whose license is out of date. They can no longer qualify for Zoom calls and help from the Crocoblock support team.

This license type allows you to create an unlimited number of websites within a specified timeframe. However, if we happen to detect any suspicious activity on your account like a huge number of newly-created websites, we retain the right to cancel your subscription. There is nothing to worry about if you do not resell the license. Prior to cancellation, we may want to request a list of domains where the license key was used. In case you need to grant access to any websites of yours, make sure to use subkeys. This is a way to protect your license from being stolen and avoid unwanted attention to your account.
Crocoblock owns distributed GPL-compatible code and commercial-based services included in the product subscription. This means that any WordPress user can work with the initial plugin’s code freely. Still, they are not eligible to resell the Crocoblock license as it contains supplementary services provided by our company.

No, it is strictly prohibited to use the Crocoblock plugins in any way that causes any direct or indirect – incidental and consequential – damages to the Crocoblock brand itself and Crocoblock users.

Nevertheless, we are always open to new cooperation opportunities, provided such a partnership does not breach our policies. If you look forward to cooperating with us, please contact our marketing team at [email protected]. We shall address all questions and figure out a mutually beneficial agreement.

The subscription can be canceled at any time in your personal Crocoblock account. In this case, no recurrent charges will be made anymore. However, if you wish to resume after a while, you will be charged the very same price you paid upon the first-time purchase.
For security purposes, you ought to use a subkey. If your license allows activations on multiple websites, we highly recommend using only subkeys for your clients’ projects. A subkey is specifically generated to work with one domain only. However, you might want to acknowledge that subkeys don’t work with the Crocoblock Wizard.