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10+ Best WordPress Design Add-Ons for Elementor
Helena Ivanova
Technical content writer
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10+ Best WordPress Design Add-Ons for Elementor

Elementor is a handy tool for web designers, largely thanks to the various free and premium third-party add-ons extending the plugin’s functionality. Unfortunately, even Elementor Pro doesn’t cover the need for extra widgets. 

So, which add-on to choose, while there are so many? Well, it depends on the website you make and the elements it should have. But one thing I’ve definitely learned in this field is that some add-ons with 20 widgets can be more useful than those with 100 if they have a great selection of widgets and enough settings options. 

This article features 12 great free and premium add-ons for making Elementor pages look great and interact properly. 

Table of Contents

Freemium/Free Elementor Add-Ons

Most of the Elementor add-ons with front-end widgets are freemium. In this section, I will list those that provide quite a comprehensive functionality even with their free version, so you can enjoy them without paying a dime.

Happy Addons

🏆 Best for large websites.

Happy Addons plugin

This is one of the most popular add-ons for Elementor, and no wonder why. It’s difficult to find what this plugin doesn’t have with its 131 widgets and 23 extensions in a Pro version and 64 and 11, accordingly, in a free version. It has 400,000+ installations from the WordPress plugin directory and a 4.8/5 rating. 

Key features:

The plugin offers a lot of widgets and premade section and page templates (over 500 in a Pro version), a theme builder even in a free version (but without the possibility to create section templates), and cool extensions, such as floating effects or equal height.

Pricing: free, $39/year. 


  • plenty of different widgets;
  • very beginner-friendly;
  • affordable price.


  • there are a lot of cases when a few Happy Addons widgets can be boiled down to one (e.g., Features List and Icon Box, etc.). It seems that developers multiplied the number of widgets to the point that it became confusing and not so performance-optimized;
  • not many settings and little space for customization of the widgets;
  • the free version can’t be a go-to add-on that covers all the needs because many necessary widgets (e.g., Toggle, Carousel, or Tabs) are only available in Pro. 


🏆 Best for developers and web designers.

stratum addon by motopress

Stratum extends your page-building capabilities with 20+ free Elementor widgets designed for different site sections. Free and lightweight, this add-on features 30,000 installations on the official WordPress website and a 4.7/5 rating. 

Key features:

Stratum widgets stand out thanks to their modern and fast-loading design that inherits the style of your theme. The premium version (Stratum Pro) enables priority support and advanced customization options. 

Pricing: free, $29/year for one site and $59/year for unlimited sites.


  • 20+ free Elementor widgets;
  • integrates with Elementor Template Library;
  • style adjusts to the WordPress theme;
  • some Elementor Pro widgets are available for free.


  • lacks customization options for some widgets in the free version.

Qi Addons

🏆 Best for websites that convert.

Qi addons plugin

What’s great about Qi Addons is that its free version provides most of the essential widgets you really need. There are 42 in the free version and 100+ in the Premium. It has 100,000+ installations from the WordPress plugin directory and a 4.8/5 rating. 

Key features:

The good thing about this plugin is that most of the demanded widgets are in the free version; they are well-designed and have many settings. The premium widgets are mostly the more advanced versions of the free ones. Also, there are enough settings for proper customization. 

Pricing: free, $49/year. 


  • great selection of widgets, even in a free version;
  • widgets are highly customizable. 

Cons: not detected.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor

🏆 Best for web designers.

ultimate addons for elementor

Elevate your website’s aesthetics and functionality with Ultimate Addons for Elementor, a top-tier plugin essential for users of the Elementor page builder. Developed by the renowned Brainstorm Force, this add-on is not just a testament to quality but a gateway to unparalleled web design possibilities.

Key features:

Ultimate Addons for Elementor enriches your design toolkit with over 50 widget extensions and more than 100 customizable website templates, coupled with 200+ section blocks for diverse design options. It’s optimized for performance, ensuring your site remains fast and responsive. The add-on’s unique cross-site copy-paste feature further enhances its utility, allowing seamless design transfers across domains.

Pricing: The pricing starts at $49/year. 


  • 40+ widgets and extensions;
  • 100+ customizable website templates;
  • 200+ section blocks;
  • coming from the creators of the Astra theme, this add-on guarantees high-quality and reliable performance;
  • from pre-built templates to customizable widgets, it offers a wide range of design possibilities;
  • suitable for both beginners and professionals, it requires no coding knowledge, making web design accessible to all.


  • being a premium-only add-on, it might be a consideration for those on a tight budget;
  • the vast array of features and options might initially be overwhelming for new users.

Premium Addons

🏆 Best for corporate and eCommerce websites. 

Premium addons Elementor

A great thing about this add-on is that it offers powerful extensions, even in a free version. Other than that, there are 35 free and 90+ premium widgets. It has 700,000+ installations from the WordPress plugin directory and a 4.9/5 rating. 

Key features:

This plugin offers not only typical widgets but also something really unique, such as Magic and Horizontal Scroll or Image Layer. The list of powerful extensions is impressive as well. For example, it has a free Cross-Domain-Copy&Paste one, which can be a lifesaver. The same applies to Floating Effects as well as Equal Column. 

Pricing: free, $39/year. 


  • a lot of powerful extensions, even in the free version;
  • cool and unique widgets in the Pro.


  • some essential widgets are available only in the Pro version;
  • some widgets are not highly customizable. 

Essential Addons

🏆 Best for WooCommerce and Knowledge Base websites.

Essential addons Elementor

This plugin is a great solution for WooCommerce and content-heavy websites. There are almost 90 widgets and 11 extensions available. It has a whopping 1,000,000+ installations from the WordPress plugin directory and a 4.9/5 rating. 

Key features:

This add-on offers a cool combination of widgets and extensions. They are pretty flexible and well-designed. 

Price: free, $49/year. 


  • many widgets and extensions for WooCommerce;
  • it offers a lot of third-party integrations.

Cons: not detected. 

Prime Slider

🏆 Best for well-designed sliders based on dynamic content.

Prime slider WordPress

This plugin can create beautiful slides not only using custom images and texts but even pull the content dynamically, including JetEngine custom fields (and custom posts and fields created by other Crocoblock plugins). It has 100,000+ installations from the WordPress plugin directory and a 4.4/5 rating. 

Key features:

Prime Slider offers a wide variety of slider templates that can be populated both manually or with dynamic content. They are well-designed, modern, and responsive. 

Pricing: free; the Pro plan starts at $29.99/year or $79.99 lifetime.


  • 30 free and 25 Pro sliders;
  • dynamic content support;
  • dedicated extensions for WooCommerce;
  • any slider can be deactivated individually, and you can see how many times it has been used on the website;
  • well-designed.

Cons: not detected.

The Pack

🏆 Best for small sites, free Elementor, and custom headers and footers.

Header footer editor for Elementor

It’s quite a powerful and primarily free plugin with a list of useful and premium functionality, such as Theme Builder or Parallax, in a pack of over 120 free widgets and scripts. It has 100+ installations from the WordPress plugin directory and a 5/5 rating. 

Key features:

  • a lot of widgets;
  • many premade sections and even custom-made pages;
  • the functionality is mostly free.

Pricing: the premium version is $19/year (mostly for Pro sections and starter sites).


  • the premium toolkit of theme builder to create headers, footers, and various templates;
  • free mega menu builder;
  • 120+ free widgets to cover almost any website design need;
  • an integration of Themify and UIcons icon packs. 


  • doesn’t work with any theme;
  •  it seems like there’s one developer behind this plugin, not a whole team.


🏆 Best for creating dynamically-populated flexible grid layouts.

Grid layout builder WordPress

This completely free plugin has just two widgets, yet it’s a very interesting one. It creates a grid where you can drag and drop selected posts or taxonomies and change their sizes and positions. 

Key features:

It’s a solution for customizing posts or taxonomy grids so they can be positioned exactly the way you want. It’s great for portfolios, blogs, and even WooCommerce sites. 

Pricing: free.


  • plugin supports posts, pages, and all types of CPTs (including WooCommerce);
  • it works both with posts and taxonomies;
  • you can resize and move items on the grid by pulling their corners and dragging them along the grid;
  • you can add a custom number of grid columns and change styling for every element of the items on the grid;
  • mobile/tablet layouts are created separately, so you have full control over them.


  • it might need extra attention if you use WPML plugin translations for items on the grid. 

Premium Elementor Add-Ons


🏆 Best for dynamic content.

Premium Elementor addon jetelements

This is a powerful collection of premium widgets with a lot of settings and dynamic content support. It offers 45 widgets, including Section Parallax, Post Grid, Animated Box, Text, Tables, Charts, etc. 

Key features:

The advantage of this plugin is that each widget has a lot of presets and settings so that it can cover the functionality of a few widgets of other add-ons. Also, the styling options let you make each widget look exactly how the website design prototype requires it. 

Pricing: $43/year. 


  • the on-point selection of widgets;
  • loads of settings to modify each of them;
  • supports dynamic content;
  • settings to control editor load level and performance.

Cons: no free plan.


🏆 Best for animated landing pages.

jettricks Parallax hotspot addon Elementor

JetTricks is all about animation and visual effects drawing attention to certain objects on the page. 

Key features:

It features eight widgets: Parallax effect, Read More (roll down), Particles effect, Unfold, Satellite, Sticky Column, Tooltip, and Hotspots. Using them, you can definitely spice up website layouts. 

Pricing: $23/year. 


  • premium visual effects;
  • plenty of settings.


  • no free version;
  • not many widgets/extensions. 


🏆 Best for displaying a lot of dynamic content beautifully.

Dynamic content Elementor display

This small plugin can power up the website by packing static or dynamic content beautifully into tabs, accordions, and toggle tabs. 

Key features:

JetTabs is not about ordinary tabs but tabs that support templates and dynamic content to be inserted and nested inside the tabs, accordions, or toggles, with all the benefits it entails. So, you can choose between a normal editor (like all the tab widgets have), dynamic content (both for titles and content), templates, or a mix of all of them. 

Pricing: $23/year. 


  • flexibility and a lot of options that each widget offers;
  • dynamic content support;
  • a lot of settings. 

Cons: no free version. 


What is an Elementor add-on?

It’s a plugin that extends the functionality of the Elementor (free or Pro) plugin. 

Can I combine several Elementor add-ons?

You should be really careful doing this because not all the add-ons are compatible with each other. Also, consider that it can affect website performance negatively. 

Do I need Elementor design add-ons if I have Elementor Pro?

Elementor design add-ons extend the functionality of Elementor and add widgets. Unfortunately, native widgets are quite limited and not so flexible, which is why, most probably, you would need to install extra add-ons. 


Choosing Elementor add-ons for a new website is not an easy task because if one day you decide to switch to other plugins, you will have to rebuild page layouts anew. As a rule, each website designer has their own favorites and uses them in most of the projects.

My personal favorites are Qi Addons, Essential Addons, and JetElements – they cover a lot of tasks, from form stylizing to WooCommerce and highly dynamic websites. Also, the widgets they offer are highly customizable (note that Qi Addons and Essential Addons may conflict and don’t display widgets properly on the back end). 

  • JetGridBuilder, JetTabs, and JetTricks, together with Prime Slider, will make layouts look stunning and add visual effects. 
  • Happy Addons are great for beginners. 
  • The Premium Addons plugin is handy for copying and pasting elements from another domain and stands out thanks to its unique widgets and extensions. 
  • The Pack is mostly for those who want to save some money on small websites and not buy Elementor Pro. 

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