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Product Updates

JetEngine 2.2. Long-sought updates are ready

The recent poll in our Facebook Community showed that JetEngine got its devoted fans among Crocoblock users, and it’s time to raise the plugin’s bar to a whole new level. By analyzing your feedback we’ve got confidence in the validity of the route we have opted for.

Ladies and gentlemen, the era of the front-end submission is totally upon us!

Today we’re excited to introduce to you a delicious JetEngine 2.2. version peppered with Posts Relations, spiced up with a bunch of updates in the Forms, and a new User Profile Builder for dessert. Let’s review the whole menu.

Forms got amplified

JetEngine 2.2 is gushing with the innovations in Forms functionality. Off the record, they are necessary for our big surprise, User Profile Builder. But, one thing at a time.

Pre-set values

OK, have you ever thought of displaying some values in the Form fields from the very beginning? We added this feature so that you’ll be able to tick the Pre-set form field values option and adjust the source and property from where the values will be inherited.

jetengine forms pre-set values

Multi-step Elementor Form

The Сrocoblock team implemented one of the popular requests. From now Form can be easily divided into steps. Let your visitors fill it in with the information progressively.

Forms multistep

Range Field type

Also, in 2.2 version the ability to create a Range field within the Form is now available. With this update, your site visitors can choose, for example, the Price by simply moving the slider. Try this out and use it to showcase any range values. By the way, it can be used in math formulas within the Calculated field types!

form range field

ActiveCampaign notification type

JetEngine integration with versatile marketing services is getting broader with 2.2 version. Previous versions included synchronization with MailChimp, Zapier, Integromat, Google Sheets. Due to high requests, the Crocoblock team added a new service to integrate with — ActiveCampaign. If you’re an ActiveCampaign fan, you’ll appreciate this new feature. In the meantime, take a look at our tutorial.

Updated Notification types

Now, we’re approaching the most interesting part — front-end submission functionality. In previous versions, Forms notifications allowed inserting Posts upon Form’s submission. With the 2.2 version, we enhanced it with the ability to update the Post from the front-end. You’ll evaluate this notification type while working with our latest product, called User Profile Builder, outlined below.

User Profile Builder starring

With this new feature, you can build your account page, create as many pages as you need and make it either public or personal. What’s more, with the Profile Builder option it’s now possible to operate with the front-end submission of any data now, which is an essential part of the JetEngine 2.2 version.

So, how does the Profile Builder perform? The first thing is to enable the corresponding module in the JetEngine dashboard

user profile builder

It activates the Profile Builder subpage from where you can start building your account from scratch. Make sure you give thought to the structure you want to create because you’ll have to prepare several templates in Elementor. The steps are easy enough —  you just need to create the subpages within Profile Builder, set them up according to your needs, and then select the templates you’ve made before. As a result, you get a full-function User Account with the access level you specified.

There’s a reasonable question, how about Elementor? We took care of it — a brand-new widget, called  Profile Menu, was added.

profile menu widget

With the help of it, you can showcase the User Account you’ve created in any template, or on any user’s page. It’s a handy tool to make your Account in the same style as your entire site.

Let’s move from rhetoric to action. Go ahead to check our step-by-step guide on how to operate with this fantastic User Profile Builder feature.

Get familiar with Presets Import

Can’t wait to see User Profile Builder in action? Piece of cake, just import the preset to surf it! JetEngine 2.2 comes with the premade User Account, including all the necessary templates and Forms. This option is a real help if you want to see all the elements of the User Profile Builder we used before creating your own. As an alternative, you can use it as a basis for yours, just customizing it according to your needs and wishes.

To perform the actions described above, you need to proceed to the JetEngine dashboard and find the Skins Manager tab.

profile builder presets

Originally, this dashboard was used for importing and exporting skins, and with the new version we added the Presets item, which refers to the User Profile Builder. Click on the Import button and wait for a second or two. Once you see the Preset Imported! message go ahead and check how the Profile Builder pages look.

profile builder presets imported

Relations hierarchy increased

Time to create complex relations has come. JetEngine 2.2 can now connect three Post Types into one hierarchy, by building grandparents relations. Sounds impressive, isn’t it? We added a couple of macros to ease the task and to set the multi-level hierarchical relations within a click. Learn how it can be done here.

grandparents relation

The Gutenberg Future

In the last update, the JetEngine plugin got enhanced with the option to choose the place where the Listing template would be created: either in Elementor or in Blocks editor. It was accompanied by the Dynamic Widgets being available to use within Gutenberg. This time we’re anxious to share the news that Listing Grid can be edited in the Blocks as well!

listing grid in gutenberg

Here JetEngine 2.2 comes: called to intensify your site with the User Profile Builder option in a pair with the front-end submission functionality. Step-by-step we’re streamlining JetEngine capability because the sky’s the limit for us!