A JetEngine feature that helps to start a membership site.

WP Membership Use Cases

Use case

Establish a platform for online courses and provide users with several types of access like Premium, which covers the entire course plus VIP features, and Basic with the key content only.

All at Once

Let registered users access all the content at a fixed upfront payment. Restrict downloads to make membership a monthly privilege.

Use case

Present a Natural Detox 21-day program, add a Meal Plan Questionnaire form, and fill the users’ pages with the individual meal recipes and nutrition ideas according to their preferences.

Fixed Term

Allow members to sign up only for a time frame to achieve a goal. After membership is over, content might not be updated anymore.

Use case

Split the language course into the Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert levels and prepare the content for each of them. Once the student completes the Beginner level program, the next level will be unlocked automatically.

Drip Feed

Deliver the content to members incrementally on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for them to access different content chunks.

Use case

Run a Fitness Coaching site embracing individual/group training programs and sports challenges, custom workouts, general nutrition tips, or custom-tailored meal plans. Set prices per one session, month, and year.

Service Model

Create a service-based site with private areas for online tools. Provide group sessions in the Basic plan or one-to-ones for Premium users.

Membership Features

Create and control Custom Endpoints for CCT

Entry-Level Setup

Start building a membership site following these basic steps: grant access to the site via forms, think over the user roles, welcome newcomers, and set pricing plans based on the membership level.

Assign different membership levels to User Roles

| JetEngine

Configure the Payment Gateways

PayPal | JetEngine
Display data in a Grid

Complete Member Management

Control the access levels to the admin area for every User Role. Allow users to view their unique content in the personal Member area and have a custom menu on the Profile page.

Set up a Single User Page with a different Dashboard structure

Profile page | JetEngine

Add custom fields to Members’ profiles

Options Page | JetEngine
Create and control Custom Endpoints for CCT

Member Experience

Ensure the utmost web spot experience by giving the site members rights to edit their profile pages, post, like, and share the content, as well as communicate freely within a community.

Ability to edit a User Profile page

Profile page | JetEngine

Liking and sharing the content

Data Stores | JetEngine
Display data in a Grid

Content Restriction by Roles

Manage content accessibility for different membership levels, provide exclusive content based on Users’ preferences, and grant them access to content editing & publishing tools.

Provide gated content for a certain member group

Account Pages | JetEngine

Present personalized content to each User

Account Pages | JetEngine
Create and control Custom Endpoints for CCT

Content Visibility

Set the visibility settings for different content parts, define the User Roles they will be visible to, and do the proper content sectioning to be shown at once.

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Permalinks Structure

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Restrict Admin Area Access

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Profile Page (End-User Editable)

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