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JetBooking: Preparation Guideline

This tutorial uncovers what JetBooking plugin is and what kind of needs it meets. We’ll describe the entire case and provide a step-by-step guide anyone can use.

JetBooking plugin is a unique addon developed by Crocoblock team specifically for rent and booking services, such as vehicles, dresses, apartments, etc.
If you are an owner of housing and you rent them out for a certain period, this plugin is right for you. The main feature of this addon is the ability to select the check-in/check-out period, filter the offered options and book a residence. As an administrator, you’ve got even more options: you’re able to manage the orders submitted from the front-end after booking the item and notify your clients by sending an email automatically.

Let’s add the booking functionality to your website!

Working with CPTs

1 Step – Dashboard overview

Go to your WP Dashboard and make sure you installed JetEngine, JetSmartFilters, JetThemeCore and JetBooking plugins.

JetBooking plugin

2 Step – Creating the Room CPT

Navigate to the JetEngine > Post Types block in the dashboard and create a Custom Post Type for your real estate.We’ve created a CPT called “Room” for our tutorial.


Check the following tutorial to learn how to create a CPT and add meta fields you need to showcase your housing.

3 Step – Fill in the meta fields in the Room CPT

Then proceed to the Room CPT on the left on your dashboard and fill in the information into the fields you’ve just created.

Custom Post Settings

Moreover, you can add as many units as you need and manage them in the Units manager section below. You can learn more about this section here.

Available units

4 Step – Creating the Orders CPT

At this stage, we need to create the second CPT for our future orders. For this tutorial, we created a CPT called “Orders”. Here, you’ll receive your orders and later can manage them as the administrator.

You can create a CPT without any meta fields, as further, we’ll get all the required information from the database (continue following our tutorial to know how it works).

5 Step – Creating a listing for the Room CPT

Now, it’s time to create a listing for our Room CPT. The detailed tutorial you may find here here.

Listing created with JetEngine plugin
Dynamic Widgets used in Listing

Creating Archive and Single pages

1 Step – Creating an Archive page

Let’s create the Archive page and add a Listing Grid widget to it in order to display all the items offered to check for your visitors. You can create an Archive with Crocoblock > My Library or with the help of the Elementor Pro version functionality.

If any guidance is needed, please check it here:

Archive Page with JetThemeCore

2 Step – Creating a Single page

Also, we need to create a Single page to showcase more detailed information about the residence available for booking. Once again, navigate to Crocoblock > My Library and create the Single page.

From the Single page itself, your visitors would proceed with the booking. Follow this tutorial to check how it could be done.
Single Page created with JetThemeCore

Here and now you should add the needed information to the Elementor editor and set the required Conditions. For more details, please check this tutorial.

Dynamic Widgets for Single page

Well done!
Now let’s use the Wizard Set Up and follow the step-by-step instruction in the next tutorial.