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WordPress Dynamic Content Plugin for
Elementor, Gutenberg, and Bricks

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$43 per
This plugin is working with Elementor editor
This plugin is working with Gutenberg block editor
This plugin is working with Bricks editor
jetengine plugin dynamic content elements and features

What's New

Timber/Twig View Type for Listing Items

Control the code structure and DOM size to get the fastest page loading speed


Location & Distance Filter for JetSmartFilters

Allow users to conduct searches based on their current location


JetEngine Calendar Module update

Create recurring events in the calendar and set their frequency


Create a Dynamic Website Structure

A toolkit that lets you build a dynamic architecture fast and cost-effectively.

custom post type example

Custom Post Type

Structure the site content

custom content type items and table columns

Custom Content Type

Save metadata to one table

taxonomy example - furniture categories


Group the post types

meta fields added to the post type

Custom fields

Add metadata to post types

meta box with custom fields

Meta box

Create a custom field storage

options page placement possibilities

Options page

Collect all options in one place

Develop Listing Items

listing item components listing item components

Explore Listing Grid Layouts

listing grid layout
listing grid layout example
banner injection into a listing grid
slider layout example
map listing layout example
dynamic calendar listing example
carousel layout example

Explore Dynamic Features

Dynamic Function

Calculate the field values dynamically and showcase the total, average, min/max values on the page.

Dynamic tag

Pull data from meta fields and use widgets to show the posts count, average review rating, booking item pricing, etc.


Generate shortcodes to output JetEngine-related data anywhere in the website content.

Conditional logic

Set the dynamic visibility rules to show/hide specific meta fields on the front end.


Call certain functions and display queried data in the listing grid, map listings & advanced calendar.


Ability to create a set of metadata and use it as a source for options in a CPT, form, and filter.

Functionality Involving User Behavioral Data

Data store

A personal data repository for every end-user storing post collections such as wishlists, favorites, likes.

post addition to the favorites data store

Dynamic visibility

Set visibility restrictions for the web page elements based on meta field values, user data, and other rules.

dynamic content visibility

Users, Terms, and Posts Relationships

wordpress relationship post

Connect different WordPress data
and query related items

Interrelate different CPT and CCT posts, taxonomy items, and users in one place. Choose from three relations types: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many.

Create hierarchical posts relations
Add and display the relations’ custom meta fields
Sort items by dynamic macros in the Query Builder
Assign a relation to the items via form
Filter posts by their related items
Add and edit related items directly in the post editing area
Explore feature

Query Builder.
Consistent Approach to the Database

query builder settings and queried items on the frontend

One interface for all query types

Create complex custom query lists that can be combined on the backend and used to query any data, sections, and filters on the front-end.

Select data from custom tables and combine it into one selection. Show & hide items, columns, and sections provided that the request is/is not empty.

Custom Post Type (CPT) and Custom Content Type (CCT) items
SQL tables
WooCommerce products
Terms, Users and Comments

Use AI to generate queries – Beta

Generate SQL query types using the JetEngine and AI integration. Enter a prompt, and the AI system will generate a query. Review it for accuracy and use it to retrieve the necessary data from the database.

Generate SQL query in Advanced/AI mode
Try short tips to write a better prompt
Use prompt examples for different kinds of data
jetengine advanced AI mode and sql query generator UI

Tables Builder & Charts Builder

dynamic WordPress table layout

Structure your data
in a catalogued way

Create both simple and complex dynamic data tables
showcasing anything from the Members directory & Residences
database to the eBook archives.

Display CPT & CCT items, Terms, Users & Comments
Showcase WooCommerce products
Enable horizontal scroll for massive tables
Preview tables from the Dashboard
Output SQL table data & REST API content
Add smart filters to finished tables
dynamic charts showcasing numeric data

Visualization tool
for dynamic content

Present statistics or analytical data as charts by outputting
numeric values. Pick the needed chart type from 12 available or
add one yourself with JSON code.

Embed Google Charts through custom JSON code
Display data from CCT items, Terms, Users, Comments, SQL tables
Output the sorted data & REST API content
Preview charts from the Dashboard
Add the chart legend & stacked chart elements
Add smart filters to finished charts

Profile Builder. Power Beyond Imaginary

user profile form, profile menu and user-added posts

Dynamic user profile

Build a user-editable profile with a flexible number of account pages. Customize the templates and JetEngine listings, set different privacy settings for user account pages, etc.

Profile Menu widget

Embed the Profile Menu widget to a user account page template and decide between the ultra-fast AJAX or reload method.

Frontend posts submission

Enable registered users to add new posts to the website through simple, understandable, and convenient forms.

Dynamic Visibility module

You can set visibility conditions for the site content and define which pages will be visible to which User Roles.

REST API. Enhanced Control Over Big Data

getting data from a REST API endpoint and displaying it on a remote source

REST API Endpoint management

Register custom entry points that allow you to get, create, as well as delete any Custom Content Type items on the website remotely.

REST API Listings

Query the CCT items data through a
third-party entry point and display them as a usual Listing Grid on the needed website.

REST API Notifications

Integrate JetEngine Forms and literally any API directly and get the opportunity to send the submitted form data to the specified Endpoint URL.

Apply Custom Styles to Gutenberg Blocks

styling post with style manager

Discover free
styling plugin

Bring JetStyleManager to the game. Upload and activate it, hop to Gutenberg, and calibrate how every dynamic component looks in the front.

Explore JetStyleManager

Browse JetEngine-Powered Live Demos

Only Books - bookstore WordPress theme

WooCommerce shop

Develop a dedicated online store to advertise and sell trendy products.

The core:

  • Product single & catalog pages

  • Advanced filters

  • Custom Shop pages

  • Custom Mega Menu

  • WooCommerce integration

View demo

Benefit by Seamless Integration

JetEngine is fully compatible with Elementor PRO, ACF, WooCommerce, Pods, CPT UI, RankMath, and Yoast
to make any project perform as desired.

Logo elementor-pro
Logo ACF
Logo Woocommerce
Logo RankMath
Logo Yoast
Logo JetFormbuilder
Logo Pods
seopress integration
admin column integration

Discover Dynamic Widgets and Blocks

For Elementor, Gutenberg and Bricks

For Elementor and Gutenberg

Get more functionality
using other JetPlugins

User geolocation

Create a custom query and output post/term/user/CCT data closest to the user’s geolocation on the map Using JetSmartFilters

Use JetEngine + JetSmartFilters

post addition to the favorites data store

Unique content layouts

Use static widgets where content is added via Repeater, such as Advanced Carousel, Portfolio, Horizontal Timeline, Price List, Testimonials, etc.

Use JetEngine + JetElements / JetTabs

dynamic content layouts for static widgets with repeater

Booking calendar

Create a dynamic booking calendar using JetBooking and JetEngine features. Make it update automatically, integrate third-party apps, and adjust how data looks.

Use JetEngine + JetBooking

dynamic booking calendar built with jetengine

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