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labortime dynamic template

What's on the Market

 job board website template components

Job and Applicant Pages

Find inside ready-to-use WordPress job search board singles
showcasing both jobs and employees.

Enable applicants to add jobs to Favorites
Output similar jobs through a custom query
Output job details and location via custom fields
Show the employee’s photo, contacts, and a short bio
Apply dynamic visibility to the job description section
Add a glossary for the applicant’s languages and work experience
single vacancy and applicant page templates

Job and Applicant

Create job and employee catalog pages, make them sortable,
and pick the suitable layout.

Customize the List view archive pages
Let users save jobs and candidates to Favorites
Add pagination to the catalog pages
Sort the jobs/applicants by date and price
Add a quick search bar to the catalog page
Pull the job/applicants’ details from custom fields
featured jobs and resumes – catalog page templates

Adjust the WordPress
Job Board Filtering System

AJAX filtering

Create a smart indexer-ready filtering/sorting tool, which will quickly show relevant results.

ajax filters for job board website

Compact pop-ups

Place a form, submission confirmation, and filters into pop-ups to save space on the page.

forms and submission confirmations in popup windows

Mobile-ready filters

For rational space usage, you may fit the entire filtering panel into a pop-up. Users can expand it when they need to apply filters from their mobile devices.

smart filters in popups on mobile devices

Profile Builder

Add custom user roles and build editable profile pages for job
applicants and employers.

Build account pages for companies and employees
Enable companies to post new job listings & edit them
Add custom profile menu with settings and logout button
Let users access Favorites from the account page
Allow job applicants to make their resumes active/inactive
Allow users to add multimedia to profile pages
company registration form and company profile

Form Builder

Build multiple forms for the best job listing website using the intuitive form-building UI.

Build separate signup forms for companies and employees
Allow companies to offer jobs and edit posted listings
Allow users to edit profile settings
Create a comprehensive job application form
Enable job seekers to add and edit experience-related details
ompany profile ecditing form

Job Board Website Template Dynamic Features


Dynamic Visibility

Dynamic Visibility | JetEngine
pre-filled values from the user skills glossary


Glossary | JetEngine
save to favorites data store

Data Store

Data Store | JetEngine
vacancy taxonomy


Taxonomy | JetEngine
relations between users and vacancy terms


Relationship Builder | JetEngine
query builder for company’s available jobs

Query Builder

Query Builder | JetEngine

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