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6 Best WordPress IDX Plugins 
Mikhailo Fashchevskiy
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6 Best WordPress IDX Plugins 

If you are developing websites for real estate agencies, you cannot do without IDX (Internet Data Exchange) plugins. In short, IDX plugins allow you to integrate listings from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service, a large database for realtors) and display them on your website.

A key feature of a successful real estate website is its ability to provide up-to-date and detailed information about available properties, which is where the IDX plugin comes to the rescue. This plugin is essentially a guide to MLS data, allowing potential buyers and tenants to view literally all available properties directly on the website.

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What Features Should a WordPress IDX Plugin Have?

In fact, IDX plugins are not particularly multifaceted, but when choosing them, some difficulties may arise because they all look the same, and you want to select the best one:

Easy control setup
The plugin itself is not complicated, but its configuration may require special efforts; therefore, it is vital for the plugin to be easy to install and have no problems with its configuration.

Search flexibility
It is important that the site is easy to navigate so customers can quickly find the page they need. In this context, we usually mean search and filters, but we should also not forget about adaptability.

Reports and analytics
Without competent reporting and analytics, it will be difficult to understand the effectiveness of your search. IDX plugins typically offer built-in user behavior analytics tools that help you track how visitors interact with your site.

SEO support
Search positions must be well-indexed; otherwise, this may negatively affect your SEO performance.

Top 6 WordPress IDX Plugins Compared

Estatik (Freemium) 

🏆 Best for carrying out real-time updates.

Estatik page

Extremely easy to manage, Estatik will become an indispensable tool for real estate websites, providing users with a comprehensive solution for managing real estate listings. The plugin supports various types of real estate, from apartments to business objects, and also has unique settings that allow you to customize the display following your business’s needs.

Key features:

  • agents account;
  • field builder available;
  • interactive map search;
  • integrated with Elementor;
  • commission system for agents.

Pricing: the plugin is free, but you can purchase the Pro version for additional features. The price ranges from $89 to $649.


SimplyRETS (Freemium)

🏆 Best for retrieving detailed property analytics.

SimplyRETS Real Estate wordpress org page

SimplyRETS is an all-in-one tool that makes it easy to integrate MLS data with your real estate website. Simply put, it offers developers powerful APIs to download current listings from the MLS.

It should be noted that for web developers, SimplyRETS offers easily embeddable widgets and shortcodes that can be added to any site page. In addition, SimplyRETS provides a high level of security and privacy.

Key features:

  • advanced filters;
  • plenty of shortcodes;
  • interactive map search;
  • a lot of available documentation.

Pricing: prices range from $49 to $199 per month; plus, there is a free version.


  • sidebar and footer widgets;
  • active support from developers;
  • market analytics;
  • agent user profile available.

Showcase IDX (Freemium)

🏆 Best for enhanced mapping features.

Showcase IDX page

Showcase IDX is a robust plugin designed to boost conversions on your real estate website through advanced user interaction tools. Unlike other plugins in its category, it offers unique features that engage users actively. These include interactive search maps, intuitive filtering options, personalized notifications, and the ability to save favorite listings, among others.

Key features:

  • easy to use property search;
  • art mapping tools;
  • CRM tools and integrations;
  • customizable search filter;
  • management dashboard available.

Pricing: free. The Premium price varies from $85 to $120 per month.



  • not enough manuals for beginners.

Buying Buddy IDX (Premium)

🏆 Best for custom branding and design flexibility.

Buying Buddy page

Do you want to increase your lead flow many times over and launch a real estate listing on your website with minimal effort? Then, Buying Buddy IDX is the perfect solution for you! This plugin will help you quickly integrate MLS listings into your website. It uses an API for automatic data synchronization, integration with CRM systems, responsive design, customization of search widgets, and much more.

Key features:

  • custom banners available;
  • additional widgets available;
  • fully accessible CSS;
  • advanced customization;
  • custom forms available.

Pricing: the price is set individually depending on the client’s request.


  • all listings have their own unique web address;
  • advanced filtering;
  • ability to embed slideshow, multimedia, and video.

Rover IDX (Freemium)

🏆 Best budget-friendly option.

Rover IDX page

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to integrate MLS listings into your website, Rover IDX is worth considering. This plugin features easy installation and automatic data updates and is fully responsive across all devices. Despite fewer downloads, it offers SEO-enhancing features and boasts an attractive design.

Key features:

  • search on the map is available;
  • integrated captcha;
  • you can add listings not from the MLS;
  • email or SMS notifications;
  • clients can add listings to favorites.

Pricing: free. Advanced prices range from $5 to $17 per month.


  • many forms available;
  • What’s My Home Worth feature;
  • advanced filtering;
  • automatic data update from MSL;
  • a lot of documentation for beginners.


  • too simple design.

Easy Property Listings (Free)

🏆 Best for integrating advanced features.

Easy Property Listings website

Easy Property Listings is one of WordPress’s most popular IDX plugins, with over 6,000 downloads, offering a wide range of features to make your real estate experience easier. It supports automatic synchronization with MLS, offers a large number of customizable designs, and, more importantly, integrates with various CRM systems for convenient work with clients.

Key features:

  • over 150 custom fields available;
  • advanced search bar customization;
  • API documentation available;
  • Google Maps integration;
  • advanced sorting available;
  • you can import listings from CSV and XML.

Pricing: free with premium add-ons, priced individually.


  • 50 custom meta fields available;
  • supports hundreds of filters to modify the plugin’s default behavior;
  • custom buttons;
  • listing alerts integrated;
  • fully multilingual.


  • the very features you need might come as add-ons, so you will have to pay extra.

Bonus: Real Estate Website Templates by Crocoblock

If you are looking for more customizable solutions, Crocoblock offers dynamic templates that you can use to build unique real estate websites. The dynamic template is a ready-made website, already configured, which you can modify at your discretion. All you need for this is an All-Inclusive subscription. Then, based on the functionality that we have prepared for you, you will be able to turn your ideas into reality.

Thanks to multifunctional plugins like JetEngine and JetSmartFilters, these templates can give you a competitive edge in the real estate website market. Let’s explore these templates:

Findero is a modern real estate template from Crocoblock that offers advanced solutions for creating real estate websites. This template is equipped with advanced tools for managing real estate data: support for custom post types, dynamic fields, integration with interactive maps, powerful search filters, and much more. The template is perfect for those looking for flexibility in design and functionality.

findero real estate template homepage
Findero dynamic template

BaliRento. If you want to create a website for rental housing, this Crocoblock template will provide you with all the tools you need. The template is fully loaded with modules for dynamically managing property lists, automated booking features, and an API implementation for real-time data synchronization. It has a modern design and is fully responsive, ensuring excellent display on all devices, from mobile phones to desktop computers.

vacation rental dynamic template crocoblock
BaliRento dynamic template


How does the IDX plugin help improve my website’s SEO?

The IDX plugin can improve your website’s SEO performance by automatically updating your website’s listings, consequently increasing user activity.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to install and configure the IDX plugin?

No, all the plugins on our list feature automatic installation, but configuring advanced settings might require additional time.

Can IDX plugins integrate with other systems on my site?

Yes, many plugins can integrate with other CRM systems, which will help improve the work with client data and their service.


IDX plugins, although they are quite niche products, are still very important tools in the real estate world. They offer realtors and agents the ability to display current listings directly on their websites, significantly increasing the chance of completing transactions. In this article, we looked at the six best IDX plugins; let’s recap:

  • Easy Property Listings – best for implementing advanced features;
  • Rover IDX – best budget-friendly option;
  • Showcase IDX – best for enhanced mapping features;
  • SimplyRETS – best for conducting detailed property analytics;
  • Estatik – best for real-time updates.

Which plugin suits your business requirements? Share your opinion in the comments!