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Kava Theme Overview

In this tutorial, you can see a presentation of Kava theme’s functionality. You will also get to know how to set up any skin from the JetThemeCore library.

This is an overview of the Kava theme for WordPress. It’s totally free and you can hardly find a theme with this amount of blog page layouts. Kava 2.0 is easy-to-use theme as it allows to switch between options and customize the theme directly from the dashboard in a second.

Moreover, it’s faster than most of the WordPress themes due to its loading speed which is 0,9s. According to the GTmetrix, its speed score is A98%. It’s super light as it weighs less than 250kb. There are 50 layouts, 10 single post templates, over 200 customization settings and more than 100 hooks available for this theme. Kava theme is made for Elementor, which allows creating content without coding. But it’s also truly perfect for developers, as you can add your own code. You can download it from the official Crocoblock website. Let’s take a closer look at Kava to find out if it’s the theme you truly need!

Kava Theme Installation

WordPress Administration Panel

Navigate to your WordPress Administration Panel. There is a sidebar menu on the left, where you can find the Appearance block. Put your mouse cursor over it to reveal the sub-menu options. One of them is Themes. Click it and move to a directory with available themes.

appearance themes block in the wp dashboard

Add New

Proceed to the Add New button at the top and click it. The next button you have to press is the Upload Theme button in order to select the Kava theme file on your hard drive. It’s vital to install the parent theme first.

upload theme in the wp dashboard

Install Now

After you selected a theme file, press the Install Now button for the installation to begin.

installation of the Kava child theme

Activate the Kava Theme

Don’t forget to activate the Kava theme just after the installation is finished. Press the Activate button.

activation of the Kava theme

Why it’s Important to Use Kava Child Theme

Attention! As it was mentioned, firstly, it’s highly important to install a parent theme and then a child one. Why? Because the Kava Child theme keeps your future modifications safe in case there is a new version of Kava Parent theme and you need to install it. When you upgrade the theme to its newer version, there is no way you lose your changes as long as the Kava Child theme is active. To install the Kava Child theme repeat the 1-4 steps above and choose the Kava Childtheme file on your computer.

Kava Theme Settings

Proceed to the Kava Theme option in WordPress Dashboard where you will have 3 tabs. Let’s look into each one of them.


Layout tab allows you to make the general view of the posts on the Archive and Single pages more attractive.

kava layout archive
  • Layout for Archive pages In this tab, you can choose which custom post type will have a disabled container of content. Here you can see the lists of either default posts or custom post types you’ve got. If you create a new CPT, it will be displayed in this tab as well. When the switch is enabled, this certain post type’s container of content becomes editable right in the WordPress Dashboard. If you don’t need this option and you will edit it with Elementor , then disable the custom post types. In this way you will fasten your website speed.
Single Layouts at Kava theme
  • Layout for Singular Pages Then, the same you can perform with the custom post types but for the Singular Pages. Enable the switch and then the layouts will be applied to the Singular Pages. This tab allows you to select the template which will be the default single post template – Elementor Canvas and Full Width content one as well as 10 other post layouts. Moreover, you can miss this tab untouchable at all and set the Default one if you don’t want to install any of the layouts from the list.


Modules tab helps the user to enable or disable the additional Kava features, among which there are the Blog layouts, Breadcrumbs, Post Formats and WooCommerce.

kava modules
  • With the enabled Blog Layouts module, then when you go to Customizer (from the page or Dashboard), you will find it in Blog Settings > Blog > Layout with 5 different items (listing, grid, masonry, vertical justify, creative).
    And there will appear the option which is called Style with 10 different variations.
  • If you turn on the Breadcrumbs option, then you will be able to specify the global basic settings. Then, in the page/post settings there will be an additional block which is called Page Settings. It allows the user to choose, whether to enable or disable the breadcrumbs on a certain page/post. It’s also available to inherit the settings from the global ones on the Customizer.
    Proceed here to read more details on how to perform it.
  • Post Formats imply including additional information to the default posts and further displaying it on the <strongSingle</strong post. After specifying the certain format on the right sidebar, you will be able to enlarge it in the feature block.
  • Woocommerce switch if it is active enabled options will allow you to add to the posts the shortcode which will contain the woocommerce action. What is more, this option allows adding some kind of customization and templates created with JetWooBuilder plugin to make them different from the default ones.
    Whether you toggle on or off this option in the Kava theme settings, the woocommerce tab will still exist on the Customizer.

Misc tab

  • Here you can enable the Theme Customize Option. If so, then you will be able to change general site settings, color scheme, typography, header, footer, blog. By default, all the following options are enabled. So, when you toggle this option on, you will be able to set the General Site settings, such as favicon, page layout, breadcrumbs, social links, and ToTop button.
    What is more, you will have an opportunity to accent the Color Scheme with adjusting the colors for the accent, primary, link hover, and others.
    Then, you could specify the Typography settings as the body, heading and menu text, etc.
    Did you know that with this option enabled you will customize the Header and the Footer? At the header section, you will change the styles and the top panel existing as well as the style. Then you will change the text for the footer section. You can fill the field with the text by using the necessary macroses, for example, to make the year be dynamically (%%year%%).
    There is an opportunity to adjust the view of the blog at Blog Settings as you want it to be with the likable layout, style, navigation type and so on.
kava misc settings

Note, that the following settings are for advanced developers, not for common users.
If you disable the Theme Styles option then the file with the theme styles will not be picked. It will help you to optimize the website workflow if you are running your own theme. In case, you are using an editor (for instance, Elementor one), then it will be perfect for you to avoid an extra piece of code.If you disable the Theme JS Scripts option then the scripts of the theme will not be integrated with the theme. It will be convenient for the developers, for instance, to avoid several extra scripts which can be unnecessary. Like the previous option, it will be perfect as it optimizes your own theme speed. And stop you from the yet another code if you are using the editors for the website building.If you disable the Theme Dynamic CSS option then the dynamic styles of the theme will be excluded. Dynamic styles – the ones that are generated with the customizer option (e.g. the typography, the colors, etc.).The Cache Dynamic CSS option in a toggled state is generated by your options and helps you to boost the website performance.

  • Choose the Right Blog Layout One of the gimmicks that might dazzle you about Kava Theme is the ability to choose from various blog layouts. There are 5 miscellaneous blog layouts for bringing your outstanding ideas into life. You can select the layout type in the customizer “Blog settings” section. There are such types as listing, grid, masonry, justify and creative. Moreover, each of them has 10 sundry styles. Try all of them to find the special one fit for you.
blog settings in customizer

Also, when editing a Single Post page, you can change the sidebar layout and apply a quite different unique look (actually, you can set one of 10 additional Single post page looks available). Kava Theme Menu To make your website even more attractive, Kava theme includes the option to set the menu’s location. If you navigate to the Appearance > Menus block in the WP Dashboard you will find menu settings with the opportunity to choose Main, Footer and Social location.

menu settings

As we mentioned previously, Kava theme is totally free. But there is also Crocoblock package which includes over 500 pre-styled sections, +300 unique pages, 8 gallery layouts, header & footer builder, a pack of Jet Plugins, a collection of designed pictures for any needs and so on. Just imagine! The JetThemeCore plugin, which you can get along with the subscription, gives you access to lots of fabulous demos (which are not available in the Kava theme). So, to sum up, this theme is modern and stylish. Kava has everything you need to create a website of your dream for free. Discover the potential of Kava theme with Crocoblock!Regardless of your experience level, you will definitely appreciate Crocoblock!

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