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10 Best Responsive Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress (2024)
Anastasiia Usichenko
WordPress Copywriter
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10 Best Responsive Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress (2024)

Price is one of the most essential factors in making a buying decision. So, it’s your job to ensure that potential customers quickly find all the information about the price and what it includes.

For many businesses, writing the price is not enough. The price can vary depending on numerous factors, such as the characteristics of the product/equipment and whether one buys in bulk, etc. To familiarize users with this information, you can use a pricing table.

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What Features Should Responsive Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress Have?

One of the primary functions of WordPress pricing tables is to highlight the differences between various product options. This feature is crucial as it allows the user to make an informed decision, boosting their confidence in their choice.

That’s why when you create a pricing table in WordPress, it should:

  • Show the characteristics that are different between products. Remember, people are looking for differences, not similarities.
  • Show just a sufficient amount of information. Do not add everything about the product to the table; leave only the most important details.
  • Show all information in a convenient and understandable format without unnecessary accents and elements.

When selecting a plugin to create a responsive pricing table, it’s essential to ensure you can design a professional-looking form and easily manage the information within it. This reassures you of the tool’s effectiveness in presenting your products and services.

Comparing Top 10 Responsive WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

Responsive Pricing Table (Freemium)

💸 Best for creating recurring payments. 

responsive pricing table plugin on

The Responsive Pricing Table plugin is a robust tool for effortlessly creating and managing pricing tables on your WordPress website. It adds a “Pricing Tables” tab to the WordPress admin panel, enabling you to swiftly add features, set prices, and customize the appearance of your pricing tables.

It simplifies pricing table management and enhances the user experience by clearly displaying your pricing plans to website visitors. Its versatility makes it suitable for various business types and pricing models. 

Key features:

  • possibility to set titles, subtitles, descriptions, and prices for your plans;
  • adding recurring pricing options, such as one-time fees or monthly subscriptions;
  • ability to create pricing tables with small icons, custom buttons (Stripe, PayPal, etc.), and custom CSS classes;
  • capability to choose a unique color for each plan and highlight recommended. 

Pricing: there is a free and PRO ($19) versions. 


  • possibility to set behavior links;
  • price toggle for different plans;
  • tooltips;
  • premade layouts.

Cons: it doesn’t support Elementor.

JetElements (Premium)

💸 Best for creating intuitive pricing tables with Elementor.

JetElements plugin homepage

The JetElements plugin allows you to implement any idea on a WordPress website using dynamic content. It has a Pricing Table widget that makes it easy to create responsive pricing tables using Elementor. The plugin has ready-made layouts and all the tools to create the website in your style. 

Key features:

  • possibility to set colors;
  • adding pricing tag;
  • four types of table layouts.

Pricing: from $43 per year. 


  • works with Elementor;
  • possibility to insert photos as a background;
  • featured ribbons, badges, and tags;
  • ability to add crosses, strikethrough, and translucent fonts to mark excluded features.

Cons: there is no free version.

wpDataTables (Freemium)

💸 Best for creating pricing tables from scratch.

wpdatatables plugin on

The wpDataTables plugin allows you to quickly create a price table using data from Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, PHP, and other resources. Since you can make the design and parameters of each table element, the plugin is excellent for creating a price table from scratch. The plugin has over 70,000 active installations and a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

Key features:

  • possibility to style and customize every element;
  • easy adding data from Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, and PHP;
  • ability to add custom links;
  • capability to cache data.

Pricing: from €109 per year. A free version with limited features is also available.


  • possibility to add media;
  • ability to update table cache from source file;
  • developing a dynamic WordPress table from a Serialized PHP array.

Cons: there is no free version.

Ninja Tables (Freemium)

💸 Best for creating pricing tables using a drag-and-drop table builder.

Ninja Tables plugin on

Ninja Tables plugin allows you to create any type of table quickly. With its help, you can use ready-made templates to make or create a table entirely from scratch. The plugin also provides a large number of customization options for user convenience.  

Key features:

  • drag-and-drop table builder for easy table creation;
  • pre-made templates available;
  • responsive tables;
  • 100+ different table styles.

Pricing: the plugin has free and PRO versions, costing $79 for a single website per year.


  • user-friendly column builder;
  • ability to export or import the tables from CSV and JSON;
  • possibility to add dynamic data.

Cons: some users mention bad support. 

Royal Elementor Addons and Templates (Freemium)

💸 Best for creating a pricing table for free.

Royal Addons plugin page on

The Royal Addons plugin significantly enhances Elementor’s capabilities with over 90 add-ons, including numerous widgets and templates available in the paid version. The plugin allows users to create pricing tables for free with various templates. It has a 4.8 out of 5 rating among WordPress users and has been downloaded by more than 300,000 people. 

Key features:

  • free pricing table widget;
  • 90+ Elementor add-ons;
  • content toggle for switching between plans;
  • Pricing Comparison Table widget.

Pricing: the plugin has a free and a PRO version for $39/year.


  • possibility to add tooltips in the PRO version;
  • ability to set background color;
  • premade templates.

Cons: you can’t add tooltips to the pricing table in the free version. 

WP Table Builder (Freemium)

💸 Best for creating pricing tables from premade templates.

WP Table Builder plugin page on

WP Table Builder is a user-friendly drag-and-drop plugin for creating responsive tables in WordPress. It’s ideal for comparison tables, pricing tables, list tables, and more. The builder currently supports seven elements: text, image, list, button, star rating, custom HTML, and shortcode.

Key features:

  • drag-and-drop table builder;
  • prebuilt table templates;
  • Gutenberg integration;
  • possibility to export/import data from CSV and XML.

Pricing: the plugin has a free and a PRO version for $49 annually.


  • possibility to set lazy load;
  • sticky rows and columns;
  • ability to set sorting.

Cons: you can’t add tooltips to the pricing table in the free version. 

Essential Addons for Elementor (Freemium)

💸 Best for creating pricing tables with an icon feature to make it look more interactive for visitors.

essential addons for elementor plugin on

The plugin offers 5,000 pre-made templates and blocks. You can find the options you need and customize the design to your specifications. With its help, you can create and customize a price table absolutely free of charge. The plugin boasts over 2 million installations and a 4.9-star rating.

Key features:

  • completely customizable;
  • free pricing table widget;
  • 50 add-ons and widgets;
  • 5000+ premade Elementor templates.

Price: the plugin has a free and a PRO version that costs $39.98 for a single website.


  • possibility to set and design call-to-action buttons;
  • ability to set tooltips;
  • capability to set a pricing menu.

Cons: some users report that the plugin’s extensions can slow down websites.

ElementsKit Elementor addons (Freemium)

💸 Best for creating a price menu with Elementor.

ElementsKit plugin on

If you need to create not just a price table but an attractive price menu, the ElementsKit plugin will help you with this task. It has 90+ custom Elementor widgets that you can use on your website to add your desired features. 

Key features:

  • 90+ free and premium widgets;
  • cross-browser compatible;
  • toggle for switching between plans;
  • compatible with different form plugins.

Price: the plugin has a free and a PRO version that costs $49 for a single website per year.


  • possibility to set hotspots;
  • advanced styling options;
  • 791+ ready-made section blocks.

Cons: limited free version.

Visualizer (Freemium)

💸 Best for creating pricing tables with pagination or sorting features.

visualizer plugin on

Visualizer is a powerful, user-friendly plugin for creating, managing, and embedding interactive, responsive tables into WordPress posts and pages. It supports cross-browser compatibility and displays perfectly on mobile devices. Users can extensively customize all aspects of the charts and tables and import data from Excel, CSV, and Google Sheets.

Key features:

  • possibility to import data from files or add it manually;
  • ability to set sorting capabilities;
  • pagination;
  • search features.

Price: the plugin has a free and a PRO version that costs from €199 annually.


  • compatible with different page builders;
  • flawless functionality across all devices;
  • flexible data source options.

Cons: very limited free version.

Premium Addons for Elementor (Freemium)

💸 Best for creating tables for different pricing plans.

Premium addons for Elementor plugin on

It is another excellent plugin that offers a large number of widgets and add-ons that extend Elementor’s capabilities. The plugin has 90+ highly customizable add-ons and widgets and 550+ premade templates. The Premium add-ons for Elementor have over 700,000 active installations and a rating of 4.9 out of 5.

Key features:

  • 550+ pre-built templates;
  • 90+ highly customizable add-ons and widgets;
  • responsive;
  • content switcher for presenting different pricing plans. 

Price: the plugin has a free and a PRO version that costs from $39 annually.


  • animated gradients;
  • possibility to add Lottie animations;
  • advanced customization options.

Cons: some users mention poor mobile responsiveness. 


How to create a pricing table in WordPress?

While you can use HTML and CSS, it’s often more convenient to choose a suitable plugin. With just a few clicks, you can create a professional-looking pricing table, saving you time and effort.

What should be included in the pricing table for WordPress plugins?

Such a plugin should be responsive and convenient to add data. Also, make sure that users can quickly find all the information they need in the pricing table you create.

How does one show multiple pricing plans on a WordPress site?

Choose plugins with toggle or switcher widgets.

Final Words

A pricing table is a website’s most critical commercial element because it gives users an idea of what they buy. 

This article provides a comprehensive breakdown of the most popular responsive pricing table plugins for WordPress. The variety of options allows you to select a suitable free or paid plugin, empowering you to create an attractive price table that meets your needs.

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