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6 Best WordPress Client Portal Plugins 
Mikhailo Fashchevskiy
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6 Best WordPress Client Portal Plugins 

Websites frequently require users to have personal accounts for subscribing to services, uploading documents, accessing additional features, and other purposes. Client portal plugins are an ideal solution to address these needs. By integrating these plugins, you can enhance client interactions significantly. They offer users convenient and secure access to essential information while allowing them to participate actively in various processes.

Selecting the appropriate client portal plugin can automate numerous tasks, such as subscription management, payment processing, and document access. Besides, such plugins facilitate automatic notifications, alerts, report generation, and personalized services. As a result, you get streamlined operations and enhanced user experience.

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What Features Should a WordPress Client Portal Plugin Have?

Client portal plugins are diverse, each offering unique features. Comparing two plugins from this category might reveal substantial differences, making it challenging for a typical developer to discern between them. Crucially, it’s essential to understand how to select the plugin that best aligns with your specific needs.

In this article, we will look at the best client portal plugins for WordPress that can help organize effective client interactions. Let’s look at the features by which we chose them:

  • Flexibility and customization
    It is very important for a plugin to be able to adapt to business needs and offer extensive customization. The plugin should also allow you to customize the interfaces fully.
  • Integration with other platforms
    Since client portal plugins are quite versatile, they must be well-integrated with other platforms, such as CRM systems, email tools, project management platforms, analytical tools, etc.
  • Ease of use
    The plugin should be easy to use, even for beginners, so the interface must be intuitive and accessible. Clear navigation and management tips are also very important.
  • Support and updates
    Unfortunately, many client portal plugins are no longer supported by their developers. For the best use, plugins must remain relevant and constantly updated, not to mention the backing of an active support team.

Top 6 WordPress Client Portal Plugins Compared

SuiteDash (Freemium)

🏆 Best for creating a client portal with a large database.

suitedash page

SuiteDash is a multifunctional plugin for WordPress designed to create an integrated client portal. This plugin’s special features include CRM, project management, process automation, and communication, all within one package.

Suppose you have a problem implementing a large number of systems on your site. In that case, SuiteDash will be an excellent solution because it combines several key features, reducing labor and costs.

Key features:

  • super advanced file exchange;
  • client management;
  • you can chat with other users;
  • ability to store documents;
  • the ability to sign documents;
  • LMS learning management;
  • mobile app available.

Pricing: prices range from $19 to $99 per month.


  • high level of document security;
  • well-documented;
  • unlimited custom fields in CRM;
  • time tracking and billing;
  • integrated large database.

Clinked (Freemium)

🏆 Best for creating work chats on the site.

Clinked website homepage

Clinked is a versatile platform for building websites that allows the creation of user accounts. It is complete with numerous essential features, including document management, communication tools, task automation, integration with external services, analytics, reporting, and more.

Clinked is ideal for developing sites that facilitate user interaction, such as work chats or collaborative workspaces.

Key features:

Pricing: prices range from $95 to $479 per month.


  • a lot of documentation in the Help Center;
  • detailed reports on user activity;
  • easy document management;
  • email and mobile notifications;
  • mobile app available.

JetEngine (Premium)

🏆 Best for creating an advanced client portal on the site.

JetEngine plugin homepage

Although JetEngine is not a focused client portal plugin, thanks to its functionality, it can effectively adapt to this task. It will allow you to manage custom post types, forms, and metadata, making it more useful for setting up personalized portals.

JetEngine supports the creation and management of user profiles, which in turn will give the client the opportunity to access certain content, interact with the portal, update their data, etc.

Key features:

  • custom post type and meta fields management functionality;
  • plenty of tools for displaying and managing dynamic content;
  • REST API integration;
  • integration with WooCommerce;
  • profile builder module;
  • integrated data store.
JetEngine has way more features.
Explore them all.
Buy plugin

Pricing: custom subscription is $43 per year, and the All-Inclusive subscription cost starts from $199/year.


  • lots of customization options;
  • active plugin support;
  • the plugin is very feature-rich, and its modules can replace over ten standalone plugins;
  • integration with Crocoblock plugins.

Dynamic CMS (Premium)

🏆 Best for creating subscription levels.

ontraport website homepage

Dynamic CMS from Ontraport is a complete set of tools for creating a custom web platform that offers services with a built-in personal account. The main difference between Dynamic CMS and other competitors is that it includes literally everything for creating, managing, and scaling an online business.

You can create subscription levels, an easy-to-use personal account, personalized content display, and more. Setting up this plugin does not require much effort, and users generally give the plugin good ratings.

Key features:

  • dynamic CMS;
  • simple drag and drop editor;
  • premium membership available;
  • one-to-one, many-to-many, and one-to-many relations;
  • easy event management.

Pricing: prices vary from $24 to $249 per month.


  • free SSL encryption;
  • many options for reacting to posts (likes/upvotes, etc.)
  • prebuilt web apps;
  • easy payment management;
  • active support from developers and a good reputation.


  • not enough manuals for beginners.

CRMJetty (Premium)

🏆 Best for easy document management.

CRMJetty website homepage

CRMJetty is a fairly simple but incredibly effective client portal plugin that will allow you to establish interactions with clients. With the help of CRMJetty, you will no longer have problems with processes related to customer service, thanks to which you can significantly increase their loyalty.

It should be noted that CRMJetty is more beginner-oriented; it features an easy-to-use UI, an active blog, and decent documentation to prove this, but it does not have in-depth functionality.

Key features:

  • personalized content compiled based on the client’s role/subscription level;
  • dashboard for current sales progress;
  • easy document management;
  • integrated staff management (if we are talking about courses);
  • integrated notifications for users.

Pricing: the price is set individually depending on the client’s request.


  • quick installation and easy to use;
  • page access management;
  • multi-language support;
  • built-in customer behavior analytics;
  • many templates for different fields (finance, education, real estate, etc.).

Jetpack CRM (Premium)

🏆 Best for eCommerce websites needing seamless integration with multiple WooCommerce stores.

Jetpack CRM website homepage

Jetpack CRM is a plugin that allows you to transform your website into a business communication portal where customers can create accounts, conduct transactions, make payments, and receive different subscription levels. The plugin is well-optimized and easy to manage, making it an indispensable tool in any developer’s arsenal.

Key features:

  • custom fields;
  • you can connect multiple WooCommerce stores;
  • quick filters available;
  • click2call feature (you can recruit a client directly on the website);
  • a lot of documentation for beginners.

Pricing: prices range from $5 to $17 per month.


  • import contacts from CSV;
  • contact management;
  • transaction tracking;
  • contact logs are available.


Why does your website need a client portal plugin?

Client portals help solve a number of problems, such as ineffective document management, lack of transparency in projects, and, of course, issues with client communication.

What security measures should you consider when choosing a client portal plugin?

It is very important for the plugin to support data encryption, have two-factor authentication for accessing the portal, and have regular security updates.

What types of websites are client portals best suited for?

They are best suited for websites focused on educational courses, healthcare, business services, B2B, etc.


The client portal plugin for WordPress could be a crucial asset in enhancing customer convenience and strikingly improving communication on your website. This article explores the top six client portal plugins – let’s recap what they are:

  • Jetpack CRM – best for eCommerce websites needing seamless integration with multiple WooCommerce stores;
  • JetEngine – best for creating an advanced client portal on a website;
  • CRMJetty –  best for easy document management;
  • SuiteDash – best for creating a client portal with a large database;
  • Clinked – best for creating work chats on the site.

Analyze them and choose one that suits your needs. You are welcome to share your opinion in the comments.