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12 Best WordPress Product Catalog Plugins Compared (2024) 
Anastasiia Usichenko
WordPress Copywriter
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12 Best WordPress Product Catalog Plugins Compared (2024) 

Do you need to add a product catalog to your WordPress website? Luckily, there are now many simple solutions to help you do it right.

Product and service catalogs help you gather all the information about your products and introduce them to potential customers. People can familiarize themselves with all the product options and choose the most suitable one. 

Thus, the user experience is improved, the workload on the sales department is reduced, and the number of purchases increases. 

There are almost too many WordPress catalog plugins in the market today. In this article, we have collected a few of the best ones.

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What to Add to the Catalog?

There are different catalogs of products and services. They can differ not only in design but also in functionality. Some companies prefer not to leave a “Buy” button for the clients to call them themselves. Some do not indicate the price of goods, the cost of which varies depending on color, material, or other parameters.

There are a few mandatory elements that are worth specifying in your product catalog. There are:

  • pictures;
  • short description;
  • features;
  • dimensions;
  • materials;
  • care instructions;
  • safety instructions;
  • testimonials;
  • price and discounts;
  • a call to action, depending on the targeted action.

You can add other elements or remove something from this list, but these items are considered classic, and users want to see them on the site.

Comparing the 12 Best WordPress Product Catalog Plugins 

WooCommerce Product Table (Premium)

🔥 Best for setting product tables in a few seconds with any specific data.

WooCommerce Product Table plugin homepage

The Barn2 WooCommerce Product Table plugin empowers you to effortlessly generate product tables for your website, positioning them wherever you choose and incorporating convenient filtering and sorting functionalities. Users can effortlessly sort or filter items based on various criteria within each column. Plus, the lazy load capability ensures that all necessary products are showcased without compromising site performance.

Key features:

  • lazy loading functionality;
  • generating product catalogs using shortcodes;
  • stylish table and order form layout;
  • sorting by nine parameters, including name, date, popularity, SKU, and more;
  • full control over product display through the Dashboard;
  • design custom filters option.

Price: from €99 for one website annually.


  • option to filter by clicking on a category, tag, or custom taxonomy;
  • display any or all of your products in an elegant table or order form design;
  • streamlined one-page ordering process.

Cons: there is no free version, but you can try out the plugin for 30 days. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can receive a full refund.

JetEngine (Premium)

🔥 Best for creating a stylish product catalog with dynamic data.

JetEngine plugin homepage

With JetEngine, you can quickly create a listing for the product catalog, add dynamic content inside, and showcase it in the listing grid form on a preferred page. Images, metadata links, and other meta fields will help you create an advanced catalog on your site and display up-to-date data about each product.

Key features:

  • Custom Post Types and Custom Content Types for catalog creation;
  • possibility to add metadata to posts;
  • ability to search within table contents and organize columns either in ascending or descending sequence (using JetSmartFilters by Crocoblock);
  • filtering options across various parameters (using JetSmartFilters, too).
JetEngine has way more features.
Explore them all.
Buy plugin

Price: from $43 per year.


  • possibility to add dynamic data, links, fields, and tags;
  • different Listing Grid layouts;
  • works with WooCommerce products;
  • possibility to add functionality based on users’ behavioral data.


  • there is no free version;
  • the plugin may seem complicated to beginners.

WooCommerce Product Table Lite (Freemium)

🔥 Best for creating WooCommerce tables.

WooCommerce product table plugin

A popular simple plugin, the main task is to display products in a list or as a table. The table is placed in the desired location using a shortcode. With its help, you can add rows in the middle of the columns to get the desired layout. The plugin’s rating is 4.9 out of 5, and the number of downloads is more than 10,000. 

Key features:

  • easy and intuitive settings; 
  • predefined choices ensure quick outcomes;
  • possibility to create intricate layouts with nested rows and columns;
  • ability to choose from a wide array of elements and customize extensively.

Price: there is a free version and PRO, starting from $59 per year.


  • possibility to customize the table layout;
  • product table presets;
  • a set of elements and options to create a fine-tuned user experience.

Cons: the free version has very limited functionality.

Product Table for WooCommerce by CodeAstrology (Freemium)

🔥 Best for creating a customizable product list.

Woo Product table plugin

With the Product Table for WooCommerce plugin, you can display your WooCommerce products in a searchable, filterable table format. Easily insert tables into any page or post using shortcodes and generate as many tables as needed. This versatile tool serves multiple purposes, whether it’s organizing restaurant orders, retailing online music, wholesaling products, scheduling courses, or vending books, among other applications.

Key features:

  • a drag-and-drop functionality for personalized column arrangements, product titles, attributes, thumbnails, quantities, brief messages, variations, and more; 
  • pre-designed templates;
  • the advanced search and filtering capabilities;
  • a mini-filter option allows for filtering products solely on the current page.

Price: there is a free version. The PRO plan starts from $49 per year.


  • the default archive page to seamlessly integrate tables into every website page or specific pages as desired;
  • the quick cart update feature;
  • possibility to toggle the visibility of multiple columns.

Cons: some users mention slow support.

Product Table by WBW (Freemium)

🔥 Best for organizing WooCommerce products in a searchable table layout with filters.

product table by wbw plugin

It is another great plugin for creating catalogs and displaying ​​items in a responsive table. 

With this plugin, you can display products in a table by adding them using a sortable and searchable form. Choose the product attributes you wish to showcase as columns, and easily embed the table onto any page using a shortcode. The plugin has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and more than 2000 active users.

Key features:

  • plugin supports the output of a product name, thumbnails, categories, tags, featured, custom fields, taxonomies, etc.; 
  • fully customizable style;
  • possibility to add products automatically;
  • supports variable products.

Price: there is a free version and PRO, which starts at $149 per year.


  • the “Buy” button customization;
  • possibility to add custom fields;
  • full control over displaying on different devices.

Cons: the free version has very limited functionality.

Active Products Tables for WooCommerce (Freemium)

🔥 Best for creating product tables in pop-ups.

Active Products Tables for WooCommerce plugin

This plugin has over 2000 active installations and a 4.8 out of 5 rating. Its primary function is to help you create attractive product tables and style them according to your preferences. The plugin allows users to add filters and comparisons directly to the tables for a better user experience.

Key features:

  • columns constructor; 
  • possibility to add the “Compare” button;
  • adding the product table via shortcode;
  • remote tables feature for adding product tables to different websites;
  • wide variety of filters for a better user experience.

Price: there is a free version. The Premium plan costs $29.


  • possibility to cache product data to increase the website speed;
  • set of options for each product column for easier design creation;
  • all the product tables have a compact view option on mobile devices.

Cons: limited functionality of the free version.

eCommerce Product Catalog (Free)

🔥 Best for creating a product catalog for free.

eCommerce product catalog plugin

The eCommerce product catalog for WordPress plugin is completely free and has many features to create a fully functional catalog. You can customize the display of products in the desired location, with or without price, using a shortcode. Also, this plugin will suit anyone with a large range of products because they can be quickly uploaded from a CSV spreadsheet. 

Key features:

  • ability to display products anywhere on your WordPress website with or without price and custom parameters; 
  • possibility to organize products into multi-level categories, tags, and multiple product catalogs;
  • easy importing and exporting products with a CSV spreadsheet;
  • capability to define custom labels, headers, and all product catalog text output.

Price: the plugin is free, but it has premium extensions. The price for the bundle of such extensions starts from $4.08 per month.


  • different design options;
  • lightbox gallery;
  • possibility to add attributes or custom fields for each product.

Cons: some users mention issues with image importing.

Product Catalog Simple (Free)

🔥 Best for creating catalogs from customizable templates.

product catalog simple plugin

It is another interesting free plugin for creating catalogs. It allows you to create custom post types and custom taxonomies for better catalog navigation. Everything you need is added with a shortcode in the right place on the site. 

Key features:

  • ability to use custom post types and custom taxonomies for items and categories; 
  • fully customizable templates;
  • possibility to categorize catalog items with hierarchical categories;
  • capability to show items whenever needed on the website.

Price: the plugin is free, but it has premium extensions. The price for the bundle of such extensions starts from $4.08 per month.


  • ability to show all item categories in a CSS customizable list;
  • a search form that allows to search the items in the catalog;
  • PRO extensions for adding extra functionality.

Cons: it allows you to develop only a simple catalog without the possibility of adding buttons or additional features.

Ultimate Product Catalog (Freemium)

🔥 Best for creating catalogs using Gutenberg blocks.

Ultimate product catalog plugin

The Ultimate Product Catalog plugin allows you to add a catalog using shortcode and standard Gutenberg blocks. You can choose one of the catalog layouts and adapt it to your requirements. The plugin has over 7000 active installations and a 4.5/5 rating on the WordPress website. 

Key features:

  • three product catalog layouts; 
  • possibility to set filtering and sorting system;
  • ability to set sale prices for products;
  • easy organizing product catalog into categories and subcategories.

Price: the plugin has a free and PRO version that costs $57.


  • ability to set up a product catalog overview page;
  • possibility to choose currency symbol and location;
  • thumbnail support option.

Cons: some users mention difficulties when adding products to the catalog.

ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode (Freemium)

🔥 Best for converting WooCommerce stores into a catalog mode.

Elex woocommerce catalog mode plugin

Some businesses need not just an eCommerce website but rather a full-fledged product catalog. If you are faced with the task of converting your store into a catalog, this plugin will help with it. Once converted, you can direct users to individual websites for details about specific products if needed. The plugin has over 10,000 active installations and a 4.8-star rating.

Key features:

  • capability to turn the WooCommerce store into the catalog mode; 
  • possibility to hide product prices;
  • ability to replace the Add-to-Cart button with the custom one;
  • possibility to set up role-based pricing for simple and variable products on the product page.

Price: the plugin has a free and a PRO version, priced at $79 for a single website.


  • ability to redirect product pages to third-party or affiliate sites by assigning a custom URL for products on the shop page;
  • possibility to customize product pages;
  • capability to add or remove WooCommerce and WordPress user roles in the PRO version.

Cons: the PRO version is pretty costly.

Essential Addons for Elementor (Freemium)

🔥 Best for creating product catalogs using Elementor.

essential addons for elementor plugin

These Elementor add-ons allow you to perform many tasks, including creating a product catalog. You can find the options you need from 5,000 pre-made templates and blocks and customize the design to your needs. The plugin has over 2 million installations and a 4.9-star rating. 

Key features:

  • possibility to display WooCommerce products in a grid layout; 
  • ability to set product compare tables;
  • capability to add different functionality with more than 50 add-ons for Elementor. 

Price: the plugin has a free and a PRO version that costs $39.98 for a single website.


Cons: some users mention that extensions slow down the website.

Ninja Tables (Freemium)

🔥 Best for creating product catalogs using a drag-and-drop table builder.

Ninja Tables plugin

Ninja Tables is a WordPress plugin that helps you to make product tables from scratch. Packed with diverse functionalities and elements, it boasts a drag-and-drop table builder, ready-to-use templates, customizable designs, chart options, seamless integration with Fluent Forms, stackable table layouts, import-export functionalities, buttons and rating incorporation, cell split and merge capabilities, Google Sheets integration, and a specialized WooCommerce product table feature.

Key features:

  • possibility to create tables with drag-and-drop table builder; 
  • pre-made templates;
  • capability to convert existing WooCommerce stores from grid-type to tables. 

Price: the plugin has free and PRO versions, costing $63 for a single website.


  • possibility to set filters;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • fully customizable.

Cons: WooCommerce Product Table is a PRO feature.


Is the product catalog the same as the WooCommerce store?

No. The catalog is simply a way to showcase your products in one place in a convenient format. WooCommerce stores allow you to not only browse products but also buy or compare them.

How do I add a product catalog in WordPress?

Use a plugin with the needed functionality.

Can I use WooCommerce as a catalog?

You can, but it’s more convenient to create a separate catalog. If users need more information about a particular product, they can go to the site you specified.

Wrapping Up

Not everyone needs WooCommerce stores; sometimes, creating a product catalog is easier and faster. 

Fortunately, today, you can do that with the help of a large number of plugins that help you create the right design, display the right number of products, etc. Some plugins, like Ninja Tables or ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin, allow you to turn your existing stores into catalogs. Some plugins, like JetEngine, help display dynamic data and simplify the catalog creation.