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Crocoblock. The All-in-One Toolkit for Building Elementor Websites

Meet Crocoblock, the all-in-one toolkit for creating WordPress websites using Elementor.

More than 5 million people all over the world enjoy working with Elementor, an intuitive page builder that basically lets you develop web pages on the move.

Easing out the process of website creation for everyone is nowadays one of the top priorities in the web development niche. That’s why our team has created multiple add-ons for various purposes, astonishing design templates, a light Elementor-compatible Kava theme, full-fledged dynamic templates, and much more stuff you might need when working with Elementor and WordPress.

Table of Contents:

  1. What’s Inside Crocoblock?
  2. Huge JetPlugins Set
  3. Lightweight Kava Theme
  4. Themed Design Templates
  5. Ready-To-Use Dynamic Templates
  6. Extensive Pop-up Gallery
  7. Caring Support 
  8. Simple Licensing 
  9. The Final Word

What’s Inside Crocoblock?

The Crocoblock package encapsulates a powerful set of high-end JetPlugins, made especially for those who enjoy the way Elementor widgets work and want to extend the functionality of their websites even more.

crocoblock subscription

Huge JetPlugins Set

All the plugins are updated regularly based on the features requested by our customers. JetPlugins are code-free, meaning you can install them easily and use for different purposes, such as:

  • implement a search tool for any type of content with the JetSearch plugin; 
  • output blog posts as post listing, post tiles, or news ticker using the power of JetBlog widgets; 
  • create astonishing content types with the help of JetElements widgets like Advanced Carousel, Slider, Countdown Timer, Section Parallax, etc.; 
  • build a mega menu using a combo of JetMenu and Elementor;
  • allow your customers to add the product they like to the wishlist and compare several items they are choosing from by means of the JetCompareWishlist plugin;  
  • implement functionality to book any service on ah hourly basis with the JetAppointment plugin;
  • empower your website with dynamic functionality using the JetEngine plugin;  
  • use hundreds of pre-styled sections, footers, headers, and even whole pages made with JetThemeCore;
  • create modern pop-ups for various purposes with the JetPopup plugin; 
  • take full control over the style and performance of your website by means of JetStyleManager;
  • add diverse visual effects to your website with the help of JetTricks
  • filter all post types by means of the JetSmartFilters functionality; 
  • showcase the images of the product you sell in a stylish gallery containing different layouts with JetProductGallery
  • organize Elementor-built content into stylish accordion blocks and tabs with JetTabs;
  • create custom headers and footers with JetBlocks
  • improve your online store using the JetWooBuilder plugin for WooCommerce;  
  • allow your visitors to book any items on the fly using the JetBooking plugin; 
  • create and style up user reviews sections using Elementor with JetReviews.

Additionally, there is a Crocoblock Installation Wizard, which allows you to install the entire pack in a few clicks.

Lightweight Kava Theme

WordPress-compatible Kava theme makes a part of the Crocoblock package along with the Kava Child theme. One can utilize it together with the plugins or separately – whatever suits their project best. 

Themed Design Templates

The list of the website templates is already impressive with every item on the list being well-designed and well-thought-out as well. You can easily spot different skins on the needed topic in Crocoblock Dashboard, like fashion stores, estate agencies, medical websites, restaurants, spa salons, etc. And that’s just the beginning!

Ready-To-Use Dynamic Templates

Skins alone are fine but what if we tell you there’s a slew of pre-coded templates? These are what we call Dynamic Templates, and their #1 upside is the fact they are fully pre-coded. All custom post types created, all relations and taxonomies set, all listings tuned – just grab and go! So far, you can choose from 7 dynamic templates depending on the niche involved: car rental, car sale, appointment booking, hotel booking, vacation rental, etc. But there’s definitely more to go!

There is no need to create a pop-up from scratch anymore. In order to save your time, the Crocoblock team has created pre-designed pop-up templates for various demands. You can find pop-ups, which include sale offers, maps, subscription and contact forms, countdown, etc. 

Decide when you want your pop-up to show up: on page load; when the user has been inactive for a certain period of time; during the page scroll; on a specific date; or when one wants to leave the page. And many more options!

Aside from these pop-up sets, check out Interactive Popup Library with more than 50 templates to gamify your website content.

Caring Support

For Crocoblock customers, lack of knowledge or experience is not an issue. Whenever you need a helping hand, our skilled support managers are there for you, resolving complex issues and explaining the nitty-gritty of the Crocoblock products.

crocoblock support image

A huge Knowledge Base is also at your service. And if you have any questions about the platform and plugins, visit the Crocoblock community Facebook page and get the answers directly from the team.

Simple Licensing

Depending on your needs, you can choose the license that will cover every aspect of your future projects. Like so, you’ll avoid spending more costs than it’s actually necessary. 

Actually, there are two types of licensing on offer:

  • 1 website – allows you to use the Crocoblock products for developing one website only. As a customer, you’ll be receiving new demos and updates for one year.
  • Unlimited – your license key covers the creation of multiple projects using JetPlugins. All the Crocoblock updates will be available for one year, as well.

For your convenience, all the plugins are packed in 5 different pricing plans. Choose the one that’s the right fit for you. If you seek the fullest functionality, then the All-Inclusive Yearly or Lifetime packages are definitely for you.  

Design package is for those who are looking for the perfect tools to create spectacular designs almost hands down. 

Dynamic package is a must-have subscription for you if there is a need to create a fabulous and smooth website providing that it’s not an online shop. 

E-Commerce package will complete the website-making toolkit of a WooCommerce shop owner. The package includes all the plugins needed to make your online shop a successful business. 

All-Inclusive Yearly package grants access to the entirety of JetPlugins and Crocoblock Extras for a year. Pick the license type and create either one or an unlimited number of websites with Crocoblock!

All-Inclusive Lifetime will rid you of any headache. It includes each and every product ever created by Crocoblock topped up with lifetime support, product updates, and guaranteed access to new functionality

And the best part is that you can upgrade the license whenever wanted.

Make sure to explore the Frequently Asked Questions block – we bet, the answers to some of the questions you might have are already in there.

The Final Word

Crocoblock is the right choice for those who want to keep abreast of the technology and all their tools to be at hand. The package includes everything from skins to dynamic templates, plugins, and interactive pop-ups. It is fairly easy-to-use for everyone, regardless of their coding proficiency. 

We update all the products regularly and aim to extend the list of plugins and templates in the nearest future. Join us and let’s build something great together!