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9 Best WordPress Slider Plugins for Image Slideshows
Anastasiia Usichenko
WordPress Copywriter
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9 Best WordPress Slider Plugins for Image Slideshows

If you need to place a lot of content on the website, it is essential to make it convenient and attractive. Of course, you could create a lengthy page and lay everything out. But it is much more convenient to present the information compactly so that everyone can quickly view what you have added.

The easiest way to do this is with WordPress slider plugins. In this article, I will analyze several options you can apply to the WordPress website.

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What Is Essential to Know About WordPress Slider Plugins?

The main task of the sliders and carousels is to show all the information conveniently, correctly, and quickly. You can place them anywhere on the site and add any info to them. For example, turn the welcome screen into a slider with the most popular products, add reviews at the bottom of the page, or showcase product photos in the middle. Unfortunately, some WordPress slider plugins slow down the website, and people are unable to see your content properly because the site freezes and displays inconsistently.

Therefore, the first thing to consider when choosing a plugin is whether it slows down the website. To check this, you can read plugin reviews on different portals, install them on your resource and check the speed of their work.

The next important thing to consider is its functionality and ease of use. You must quickly set up the plugin, and the site visitors can effortlessly scroll a slider you place on the website. Some plugins help you to create sliders where images will scroll automatically. Some do not, and users need to click a button or swipe right to see other content. It would help if you determined which type is right for you.

The following important parameter is adaptability, whether the user can visit the site from a phone or tablet. Whether there will be errors or freezes when loading a slider in different browsers. Pay attention to this before choosing a plugin.

9 Best WordPress Slider Plugins


👑 Best for quickly creating a website design with sliders.

Elementor plugin homepage

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. And this is not surprising because it has many features for creating a convenient, functional WordPress website. One of these features is the image and video slider. You can add it to the page with a simple drag and drop. It’s also easy to set up. Then, select the desired video or image from the gallery.

Key features:

  • ease of setup;
  • adaptability;
  • a large number of functions;
  • adding a slider and other widgets with a simple drag and drop.

Pricing: there is a free version and a PRO version that starts at $59 per year.


  • a large number of widgets;
  • ease of setup;
  • work speed.


👑 Best for creating eye-catching galleries on the website.

JetElements plugin homepage

JetElements is a plugin for creating dynamic, attractive websites. It has 45 useful widgets, including a carousel widget and a slider. Slider Widget allows you to place an image with text and a button. So, you can, for example, create a scrollable gallery for a hero section to advertise the most popular services there.

With Advanced Carousel Widget, you can also create a handy WordPress carousel of images and most-read blog articles.

Working with JetElements is simple and intuitive. You drag and drop the desired widgets to the right place on the website, stylize different elements, and select navigation types.

Key features:

  • ease of setup;
  • a large selection of elements;
  • different types of navigation;
  • style features for elements;
  • possibility to show images dynamically;
  • inserting any image from the Media Library;
  • the ability to add the necessary information to the images.

Pricing: $43 per year.


  • different item layouts;
  • fluid column width;
  • different options for navigation and styling;
  • possibility to show images dynamically;
  • ease of setup;
  • opportunity to make automatically moving items;
  • a wide variety of elements.


👑 Best for creating galleries for single product pages.

JetProductGallery plugin homepage

The JetProductGallery plugin will help you show the products from the best side. You can create a gallery from different images of the same product using the Gallery Slider Widget. It is beneficial for online stores. The plugin also has three other widgets that will ensure a better user experience. 

Key features:

  • ease of setup;
  • multiple styling options;
  • ability to place a video of the product in the slider;
  • adding elements using drag and drop;
  • four special widgets for online stores.

Pricing: $23 per year.


  • different styling options;
  • adding images from the gallery or your device;
  • vertical or horizontal showcase of the gallery;
  • work speed.


👑 Best for creating a gallery in accordion format.

JetTabs Plugin homepage

JetTabs plugin is another plugin from Crocoblock. It is developed to complement the design possibilities. For example, add images to the accordion and create tabs and radio buttons.

The Image Accordion widget allows you to add images to the website in a convenient format.

Key features:

  • adding a large number of images;
  • ease of setup;
  • adding elements using drag and drop;
  • intuitive controls.

Pricing: $23 per year.


  • ease of setup;
  • adding a lot of images;
  • adding dynamic content;
  • horizontal or vertical showcasing of the content;
  • work speed.


👑 Best for creating video and photo galleries.

Soliloquy plugin homepage

Soliloquy is a simple plugin that even a beginner can work with. Its main task is to help create an attractive photo and video gallery that will be displayed correctly on all devices. In addition, it allows you to create lightboxes that will open the image in full screen after clicking.

Key features:

  • adaptability;
  • work speed;
  • the ability to create a gallery of images or WooCommerce products;
  • making sliders from presentations and PDFs;
  • large selection of sliders.

Pricing: there is a free version and a PRO version that starts at $34 per year.


  • a large selection of sliders;
  • creating sliders based on the posts or pages;
  • importing Instagram images into sliders;
  • availability of templates.


👑 Best for creating SEO-optimized sliders.

MetaSlider plugin homepage

MetaSlider plugin will help you create an optimized slider, carousel, or gallery in a few minutes. It allows you to add a photo or video, including those from YouTube or Vimeo.

Key features:

  • creating slides with YouTube or Vimeo videos;
  • generating HTML slides;
  • dynamic post feed;
  • custom themes;
  • the ability to add special effects.

Pricing: there is a free version and a PRO version that starts at $79 per year.


  • creating HTML slides or adding videos;
  • scheduling a slide show in the PRO version;
  • adding special effects to slides.

WP Google Review Slider

👑 Best for adding a slider with comments to the website.

WP Google Review Slider plugin homepage

The best way to add credibility to your WordPress website is to show testimonials from satisfied customers. With the WP Google Review Slider plugin, you can place reviews from Google in a slider format and style them.

Key features:

  • the ability to add reviews from Google in a slider format;
  • creating a block with reviews using a shortcode;
  • sorting reviews;
  • adding CSS styles.

Pricing: there is a free version and a PRO version that starts at $29 per year.


  • fast work;
  • ability to create any design with CSS styles;
  • support for different languages in the PRO version.

Product Slider for WooCommerce

👑 Best for adding product accordion sliders for WooCommerce sites.

Product Slider for WooCommerce plugin homepage

People who visit the online store want to quickly view the products in the shop and choose the right one. Help them do this with a handy product slider. Product Slider for WooCommerce helps to place all positions in the right place using a shortcode.

Key features:

  • responsive and adaptive;
  • three theme templates that you can use;
  • the ability to set autoplay mode;
  • easy addition of price and product description.

Pricing: there is a free and PRO versions starting from $39 per year.


  • the ability to enable or disable autoplay;
  • adding multiple sliders to the page;
  • responsiveness and adaptability.

Smart Slider

👑 Best for creating dynamic and captivating sliders.

smart slider testimonials plugin homepage

Meet Smart Slider 3, a game-changer for WordPress websites. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, it’s your ticket to crafting eye-catching sliders without any coding hassle.

Key features:

  • effortless learning;
  • versatile layouts;
  • speed and SEO;
  • design, customize, and animate;
  • diverse layers;
  • 180+ customizable templates.

Pricing: there is a free version and a PRO version that starts at $49, which is a one-time payment.


  • maximum creativity;
  • swift efficiency;
  • dynamic Slide Generator;
  • trusted worldwide.


Which plugin is better to choose for creating a slider?

The answer to the question depends on the tasks you set for yourself. The main thing is to pay attention to the convenience of working with the plugin, its adaptability, and work speed.

Does WordPress have a default slider?

No, it doesn’t. But WordPress is very plugin-friendly, and you can easily install any slider plugin.

Is it possible to add more than just images to the slider?

Some plugins allow you to add images, videos, descriptions, and even order buttons.

Last Words

Unfortunately, WordPress does not have the built-in ability to create sliders. But today, dozens of plugins allow you to do this. Some will enable you to embed the plugin with a shortcode, and some with a simple drag and drop. In this article, I have analyzed the key parameters of such plugins:

  • Elementor is great for quickly constructing a website with sliders.
  • JetElements is the best for designing eye-catching galleries on the website.
  • JetProductGallery is useful for building product galleries.
  • JetTabs is great for creating an accordion gallery.
  • Soliloquy is the best for making video and photo galleries.
  • MetaSlider is useful for generating SEO-optimized sliders.
  • WP Google Review Slider is helpful for adding a comment slider to your site.
  • Product Slider for WooCommerce adds a product accordion slider to eCommerce sites.
  • Smart Slider helps you create dynamic and captivating sliders.

Choose the ones that suit your needs and use them.